Trip to China

As part of a collaboration between HiTECH (no, not the sportswear company) and Project Tide, we were invited to attend the first China-UK HiTECH Innovation Conference. The conference happened between the 8th and the 16th of November. Matt Ellen was our representative on the ground.

Presenting in Hangzhou

It started in Hangzhou at the Zhejiang Hangzhou Overseas Talents Entrepreneurship Base. Each company gave a presentation about their products. Luckily for Project Tide, HiTECH provided a translator for the Chinese audience. The delegates also spent time visiting prominent businesses in the city.

The next day Project Tide and Aperio Signals were taken to Zhejiang university to give presentations to students to encourage them to become entrepreneurs. From there they met back up with the rest of the group and took a trip up to Changxing to attend “Changxing Sian Xihu Technology and Entrepreneurship Park for High-End Talents Conference”.

From Changxing the group flew south to Guangxi province to appear at Guangxi-UK Innovation & Entrepreneurship Roadshow which was held in Nanning.

For more details about the trip, have a look at HiTECH’s write up.

The upshot for Project Tide was a lot of good publicity and opening up of negotiations to get into hospitals to test our product in China.